BEFORE SCHOOL PROGRAMMES for our Tamariki are called Breakfast Clubs. They are a great way to start the day and set up for school.

See what's on at your Youthtown and book


From 7am, our Breakfast Clubs are a great start to the day for the whole family with appropriate activities fuelled by breakfast!

The breakfast buffet has everyone participating in not only eating, but also setting up & tidying away the healthy range of cereals, toast spreads and drinks.
See if we have a Breakfast Club near you and which schools we deliver the kids to HERE


All of our activities are designed with intentional outcomes (within a safe environment) to develop your child's potential.
Your child can choose whatever activity suits their energy level at this time of day, and we’ll set them up for a successful day at school.

Transport to School

The music in the Youthtown van makes it a fun transition to the school day and most occupants know the pop song lyrics well.
We are very conscious of our precious passengers so check procedures for our vans and and training/testing our drivers is essential.
Have a look at what schools we drop off at HERE and please let us know if your school isn’t on the list.