Youthtown has been empowering young people since 1932! What makes us different is how we do this.

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Who We Are

Operating since 1932, we are a nationally operated, not-for-profit organisation focused on empowering young people of Aotearoa to be the best they can be.

We deliver programmes for 5-18’s that are outcome designed, to unlock each young person’s potential.

These are delivered before, during, after school and in the school holidays so our customers are families as well as any organisation with young people, such as schools.

You can find us in key communities right across New Zealand. Click on the locations section of the website menu for where.

What we do
Programmes for 5-12s
Programmes for 13-18s
Programmes for all Schools

What Drives Us

The Power of 10 does!
Our purpose is to empower young people to be the best they can be ie. to reach their potential.
We operate in a way that is proactive, preventative and powerfully positive. Our values are well articulated and young people see staff role-modelling them every day.

Our 10-year strategy keeps us focused on the most effective approach to reach our vision and is supported by 10 clear actions/projects each year.

What Makes Us Different

What makes us different is the significant, positive impact we have on 5-18 year olds through our outcome-based programmes delivered by awesome staff.

The consistency of our programmes across NZ is the result of adherence to a high standard curriculum that is youth inspired, safe, values based, inclusive and planet conscious.
Our long history of working with young people in NZ, has helped us design the widest range of programmes. These are suitable for the age and stage of each participant group and reflects the needs of each community.

Our People

Our staff, supporters and partners are AWESOME and each play a vital part in working together to empower more young people to be the best they can be.
All of our staff are trained to ensure best practice in the way we work with young people and we recruit staff that are fully committed to putting this into practice.

Our recruiting process includes police vetting and all are experienced and trained in all aspects of child safety, child safe-guarding, our policies and procedures and MDS approved behavioural management techniques and strategies.

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Our History

Since 1932, we have been empowering young people to be the best they can be. This is when Boystown was established, providing a sports and leisure facility for Auckland's young people that included mentoring by some of New Zealand’s greats.

In 1984, Boystown was renamed Youthtown in recognition of the increasing number of young women using the facilities.

After that, we continued to expand into key communities across New Zealand which makes us more accessible to more young people.

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