We've just finished the holidays and are excited to bring you our after-school programmes. Our teams have worked hard to plan many fun activities that play into the theme of each week. Click the link below to find out what's going on at your local Youthtown and join us for the FUN!

Why Youthtown?

Since 1932, we’ve kept our focus on creating transformative spaces where children and young people can figure out life.


Young people inspire us: they are the reason we do what we do at Youthtown!


Our programmes are designed around outcomes first and foremost. We focus on what is truly needed for each young person to thrive.


We create fun, safe, inclusive spaces and places that acknowledge the ever-evolving world that children and young people are journeying through.


We regularly partner with national and local community organisations who are as driven as we are about improving outcomes for children and young people.

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