Young people inspire us: they are the reason that we do what we do at Youthtown, the purpose for our being.

We recently did some work as a whole organisation to understand what was driving the Youthtown mission towards our 90th anniversary. Our staff were involved right the way through in helping us articulate our common ground as a multicultural whānau.

Our organisational values are statements that become actions every day on the sports fields, gyms, classrooms, halls, hangout spaces and offices across Youthtown.

These are the pillars that enrich our Youthtown culture: seeing how they play out in real life makes us stronger as a team, dedicated to ensuring great outcomes for young people.

Youthtown's entire staff did some work on our organisational values in 2020 - this is what we came up with as a team!


Our programmes are designed around outcomes first and foremost. We focus on what is truly needed for each young person to thrive: we are intentional and purposeful, building programmes that celebrate everything our participants are and could be. We seek to add value to and create positive impact in our communities.

At Youthtown, we recognise the real world needs and enduring wisdoms that keep the world turning around our participants. From this place of understanding, we can work out what we need to do to ensure we're creating space for great outcomes for all our young people.

We aim to ensure that we actively listen to our young people, using their feedback to hone our delivery, continually improving and evolving to stay connected to their needs. In the background, we work hard to stay on top of global youth development research, recommended safe practice and the cultural needs of our participants.


We create fun, safe, inclusive spaces and places (including MSD-accreditation for most fixed programmes) that acknowledge the ever-evolving world that children and young people are journeying through.

On our programmes, the positive environments our staff create through their youth development practice and the professional, ethical lens they bring to each decision or action are the vital mechanisms by which we create a safe, supportive place for children and young people to grow and thrive.

We are interested in embedding models of practice that enhance what we’re trying to help young people achieve, whilst maintaining respect for every young person's potential and dreams.


We regularly partner with national and local community organisations who are as driven as we are about improving outcomes for children and young people. We're honoured to work alongside some amazing youth development partners.

Relationships are the engine of our work at Youthtown: without great connections, nothing happens!

Partnership and collaboration are the keys to success, and we never forget that. We actively employ staff who can build strong, safe working bonds to help meet the needs of the young people in the communities they come from.

Our curriculum, youth development ethos and programmes are powered by our peoples' collective commitment to fostering great connections and relationships.