WHAT WE DO - Youthtown delivers programmes that are outcome designed, to unlock young people's potential

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What We Do and HOW

No matter what activity young people take part in at Youthtown, they gain a regular sense of achievement amongst their peers that inspires confidence to be the best they can be. (Dream it, do it!).

That’s because all of Youthtown’s programmes are designed with intentional outcomes (within a safe environment). The curriculum foundation is based on best practice research across the world and involves learning life skills, working collaboratively, building resilience, unlocking potential and uplifting mana.

Our Outdoors Mark Accreditation provides assurance that young people are in safe hands for outdoor activities and MSD regularly audits our OSCAR sites, reporting that Youthtown has exemplary health and safety policies and procedures.

Our OSCAR programmes may be FREE to you with a full MSD subsidy, and many of our Youth programmes are FREE, thanks to the partnerships we have in place.

The Programmes

We have 5 programme categories and within each of these, there are creative arts, physical, outdoor adventure and social/life-skill activity options.
Read about the programmes we deliver specifically to Tamariki, Rangatahi and Schools.
Activity Sessions are about having a go at a number of different things – while at OSCAR for 5-12’s, or Youth Hubs for 13-18s and during regular PE, EOTC, ABL sessions at schools.
Workshops are for building specific skills, earning a certificate on completion.
Camps end with friends for life!Youthtown partly or fully delivers for schools during the term and we have our own camps in the holidays.

Project Groups work together for a common goal that aligns with what each young person in the group is passionate about.

Events are run by Youthtown for schools (as well as competitions between schools), for the community and we invite you to our own events.

When and Where

We operate before, during and after school as well as school holidays, so many of our young people already know us from the programmes we deliver in School.

Within each of our locations across New Zealand, we have sites conveniently based at local schools, community facilities, club rooms, corporate premises as well as at our own MSD approved sites.

We love getting young people outdoors:  on land, water and snow. You’ll see us delivering programmes in your local parks, hilltops, mountains, beaches, rivers, sea, lakes etc.

As we grow, we’re excited about becoming more and more accessible to young people in Aotearoa. Select your location on the website menu to see what’s happening nearby!


Programmes designed with intentional outcomes get the best results and our findings motivate us to continually improve so that we can achieve even more when working with young people.
Our programme curriculum was built with the ability to measure the difference we make, and we also measure progress against developmental and physical literacy assets, using internationally approved assessment systems.
We regularly survey parents, participants and schools for feedback and we’ve quoted what they’ve written (or said spontaneously) throughout the website.
Our young people’s achievements, big or small, will have been celebrated appropriately during the day - ask them about this when they get home!