HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES for our Tamariki are action packed! And all activities are designed to unlock each young person's potential.

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See if we’re based near you (or your work-place) for convenient drop offs/pick-ups HERE.
We offer a school day session (8.15am - 3.15pm) for $30 or a full day session (8.15am – 6pm) for $45.

It could even be free with a full MSD subsidy.
All of our activities are designed with intentional outcomes (within a safe environment).

Onsite Activities

Whether they're into creative arts, science, tech, sport, adventure or just socially based activities, they gain a regular sense of achievement that inspires confidence.
We make the most of the outdoors and have the best water slides and other water games in the summer!


Youthtown’s workshops for children are about immersing in a particular topic that they’re passionate about and want to get better at.
At the end, they will receive a certificate with pride : ‘dreamt it, did it, with Youthtown!’

Day Trips

Some of the trips the younger groups have done are trampolining. farm visits, toy making, while the older groups have enjoyed rock-climbing, blo karting, performing arts and so much more.

We even do Day Camps out to the nearest camp facilities, where they learn bush survival techniques and experience (nearly) all that overnight camps and related activities offer.
At the debrief on return, we’re proud to hear the level of observation and learnings they share with the group.


The holiday camps for ages 5-12 are an experience of a life-time for them. There’s no time to be home-sick with so much to do and so many friends to make.
We have access to many facilities across NZ and they’re often close to snow and outdoor adventures. You can even privately book our Youthtown Lodge in Ohakune HERE.
Having the Outdoors Mark Certificate means we pass all the safety checks so the children are in safe hands.