EVENTS and PROJECTS for our Tamariki are all year round.

See what's on at your Youthtown and book


Watch our Face Book page for age-appropriate events that we hope your children or whole family will join in on.
Youthtown often partners up to deliver with others in the community, or we run the events ourselves.
Sometimes our Youth Squads have organised these for our young participants, as a project of theirs, and each age group thinks the other is awesome!
For example, the annual Zombie Apocalypse in Christchurch is led by the Youth Squad who help the younger ones reach a bigger level of scary each year. Our young participants have meantime, been learning to make particularly disgusting sores …


Being part of a small group to work on a project together, to achieve a common goal, is great practice for their future.
Examples include managing the vege garden plot on site, having input to the council playground, talking to those at the retirement village next door and doing the William Pike Challenge Award (the lead in to the Duke of Edinburgh Award for the intermediate student age group).