YOUTH HUBS give 13-18's the opportunity to try out a wide range of activities, with their peers.

See what's on at your Youthtown and book


Youth Hubs are where all the action is for 13-18’s and like all of our Youth Programmes, there may be something on offer before and after school as well as during the holidays.
This is an opportunity to have a go at a wide range of activities alongside experienced Youth Coordinators. Plus it’s so much more fun to experience/learn something new when you’re with others.
Don’t hang out in your room, find out where your nearest (Youthtown) Youth Hub is and check it out!


The activities on offer change every term/holiday unless there’s a vote to push ‘repeat’.
We make sure there’s a mix of physical/outdoor adventure, creative arts and social/life skill activities.
In the morning you could be doing blo-carting and in the afternoon you could be doing a section of a mural, with more of the week to look forward to.