PROJECTS for Rangatahi

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We love facilitating project groups – everyone benefits from the process and then there’s so much to celebrate when we reach the project team’s goals!

Many of the project group opportunities come from New Zealand’s communities and councils seeking young people’s input and Youthtown is their ‘go to’. For example, the Community Design Group for Turangi and the Papakura and Franklin Youth Councils.

Other project groups become ambassadors for a particular cause, such as the Rheumatic Fever Prevention group.

Youthtown’s Youth Squads and/or Youth Councils in each area of New Zealand are groups that work together for a whole year on a number of different projects.

This team gets to know how to leverage each other’s strengths really well over time and it’s never more evident when you attend their smoothly run events.

Keep an eye on your location page for the invite to apply!

Example : Youthtown Youth Squads

This is a Summer Holidays snap from the Oamaru Youth Squad.

Youthtown's Youth Squads around the country are about building the capacity of small groups of young people to be resilient , proactive and engaged positively in their community.

Our Youthtown coaches provide opportunities for personal growth, including leadership training and mentoring. They encourage and support the group to give back to the community, taking part in, supporting and organsing events, campaigns and other initiatives.

Contact your local Youthtown if you're between 12 and 18 to see if it's for you!

Example : Youth Councils

In conjunction with Councils, we support young people aged 11-24 to influence Local Board decisions, engage with other young people, and plan community events.
The youth councils recruit annually for new members who are passionate about making a difference in their communities.

Example : Enviro Projects

Our award winning Environmental and Leadership programme in the South Island involves working with the local community on a specific environmental project where the they design, direct as well as participate in an overnight camp with a difference – to make a difference.

Example : Volunteering

Volunteering with Youthtown ensures that you are properly trained to succeed - this is the best way to get practical experience to build more onto your CV.
Youthtown’s numerous programmes and relationships with a wide range of organisations within the community means there are plenty of opportunities for you out there to become more employable.
You could volunteer as a coach, an umpire, a lifeguard, a care-giver, event manager, researcher and much more.

Example : Community Design Group

Youthtown facilitated an annual Community Design Group in Turangi, at the council's request to ensure that they always incorporate young people's opinions and creative ideas.

This has been particularly successful in resolving particular issues put to the team.

Facilitation ensures that outcomes are well considered ideas that are modeled and presented in a professional way, as a group and individually.

There are so many skills to build during the process.