PARTNERSHIPS are about joining forces to empower all young people in New Zealand

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Joining Forces

So many of us are about empowering young New Zealanders to be the best they can be.
Imagine if we could all join forces to achieve this vision together!

Leveraging our expertise in unlocking young people's potential to expand and strengthen your offer will produce awesome results for both parties, New Zealand wide.

The strong partnerships we already have are a result of the successful collaboration with organisations with shared objectives.

This has enriched the Youthtown Programmes and provided more value for money to our recipients.

Get inspired by reading some examples below, and enquire here

Youthtown at Your Place

Could your organisation provide a Youthtown Base?

Schools, Clubs and Corporates are benefiting from having Youthtown deliver programmes to the young people in their community from their facilities.

Clubs report that having young people become more familiar with their premises during school holidays, encourages further involvement with their club.

Schools find having Youthtown on site compliments their core purpose and provides a huge convenience for parents.

Organisations report employee engagement and productivity going off the charts when they provide an on-site Holiday Programme base for Youthtown’s day trips

At the same time, Youthtown becomes even more accessible to our Rangatahi in key communities of New Zealand.


Community projects :
We actively look for opportunities to give-back to the community within our programmes. Tree-planting and beach clean-up missions are examples of what all our participants like to do. Our 13-18's are also looking for ways to contribute their ideas, support a cause and run events in their community.

Sport and Outdoor Organisations :
Youthtown has a been an approved supplier of sport and outdoor programmes on behalf of organisations for many years, and we hold the Outdoors Mark Certification.

Expert in your field?
Your area of expertise may be on the list of things our participants want to know more about.  We hope you are as passionate as we are about giving young people opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge.

Funding Young People

As a not for profit, registered charity, Youthtown relies on finding and donations to continue to provide great value to families of New Zealand.

As our funding is limited, Youthtown relies heavily on successful applications to council, government, sports trusts and other funders to support our programmes.

Corporate contribution and private donations are hugely appreciated to boost Youthtown’s ability to achieve our common goal of empowering young New Zealanders to be the best they can be.

If you’d like to contribute, or sponsor a young person on a programme (eg. a Camp) please contact our Chief Financial Officer.

Funding You To Empower Young People

Youthtown receives the ‘Authorised Purpose’ proceeds from Gaming Venues that pledge support to Youthtown
 (The Venues are listed here).
We then share this with the local community in grants.
(Recipients are listed here).
See if you are eligible to share our funding (here). Application is on-line (here).