Increasing the Impact

We are honoured to exist within an ecosystem of inspiring organisations across Aotearoa New Zealand that are focused on creating strengths-based spaces for young people to find their place in the world. We strive to connect and build powerful partnerships which amplify the opportunity for these positive life outcomes to flourish.

By drawing on the experience and expertise we’ve gained from journeying alongside young people since 1932, we work thoughtfully, collaboratively and carefully with our partners to ensure a great result, ultimately increasing community impact and reach.

Both locally and nationally, we have strong existing partnerships which have come out of shared objectives and a mutual desire to collaborate on genuinely impactful work.

To find out more about some of the ways we could work together, take a look below then pop us an email!

We'll come to you!

Schools, clubs and community organisations are benefiting from having Youthtown deliver programmes with the young people in their local facilities:

Clubs say that having young people become more familiar with their facilities encourages further involvement with their club.

Schools tell us that having Youthtown on site complements their core purpose and learning outcomes.

Community organisations say that young people love our Youthtown staff, their fun and passion as well as their drive to work alongside all young people.

Ultimately, Youthtown becomes more accessible to young people in key communities across Aotearoa New Zealand: that's a pretty cool outcome!


Community Connect: We actively look for opportunities to give back to the community within our programmes. Tree-planting, litter walks and beach clean-up missions are frequently woven in to encourage our Youthtowners to take care of their world. Supported by our staff, our participants are always looking for ways to contribute their ideas, support a worthy cause and run events in their community.

Sport and outdoor organisations:
Youthtown has a been an approved supplier of sport and outdoor programmes for many years and we hold the OutdoorsMark Certification to provide user confidence in the high quality of our EOTC work.

Expert in your field?
Your area of expertise may be on the list of things our participants want to know more about!  We hope you are as passionate as we are about giving young people opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge. We welcome contact from prospective partners here, and take great care to ensure we are only bringing in those with suitably-accredited experience.

Funding young people

As a not for profit, registered charity, Youthtown relies on funding and donations to continue to provide great value to communities across the country.

As our funding is limited, Youthtown relies heavily on successful applications to councils, government, sports trusts and other funders to support our programmes.

Corporate contribution and private donations are hugely appreciated to boost Youthtown’s ability to achieve our common goal of empowering young people across Aotearoa New Zealand to be the best they can be.

If you’d like to contribute to a programme or sponsor a spot for young person on a programme (eg. a camp) please contact our Chief Financial Officer.

Funding your projects

Youthtown provides funding for groups and organisations who wish to undertake projects that seek to advance and benefit children, young people and their communities.

How we do this:

First: Youthtown receives the ‘Authorised Purpose’ proceeds from Class 4 Gaming Venues that pledge support to Youthtown. You can find a list of our Gaming Venues here.

Then: We share this with the local community in grants. Find out what our grant recipients have been awarded here.

See if you are eligible to share our funding. If you’re eligible, you can apply online today!