Our Staff

We know the difference maker at Youthtown: it's our team of amazing programme staff! Our staff hail from local shores and far-off lands, bringing a wealth of youth development experience: early years educators, teachers-in-training, ex-teachers, camp counselors, youth workers, professional sportspeople, dancers, craft experts…we are honoured to have access to these skillsets to advance the Youthtown mission.

This inspiring bunch of highly-talented humans understand the importance of building safe, ethical relationships when working with children, young people and their whānau.They're also an incredibly humble bunch who care about treading lightly but with purpose in peoples' lives.

Youthtown staff come to work each day knowing they are going to make a difference to the worlds of others. Natural communicators and educators, they thrive on the energy created by the inclusive, supportive environments they foster on programme. They'll be there with a big smile to welcome you in and a high five to send you home!

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Our Leaders

Fay Amaral, Youthtown CEO, cares deeply for positive youth development, having worked in both the early childhood and tertiary education sectors in executive roles. She is currently pursuing her PhD with AUT, researching career indecision, self-efficacy, depression symptoms and locus of control in school leavers in Aotearoa New Zealand. She has a Masters degree in Psychology as well as Masters degree in Commerce. Fay is deeply passionate about diversity, empowerment and potential in youth.  

Fay is ably supported by CFO Debbie Nelson, GM People and Performance Jannine Mullany, Head of Cultural Development Karina Nepia, Head of Partnerships & Engagement Siobhan Clare, GM of Growth & Development Cath Donald and Relationship Manager Amie Reynolds.

Our GM Programme Delivery & Community Dylan Perfect-Tait and GM Programme Design, Systems & Innovation Chris Davidson create and oversee the delivery of our programmes around the country and are supported by South Island Manager -Programme Delivery & Community Richard Chambers and Head of Children's Porgrammes Viv Stark.

Our leaders enable and empower our staff to be the best they can be, focusing on our 2032 strategy, The Power of Ten, and the wellbeing of all our participants. They're constantly looking out for ways to reach more young people in Aotearoa New Zealand, to empower them to achieve their potential.

Reach out to us if you would like to work with us, partner with us or just share your ideas. We are constantly innovating and dreaming, leading by example and supporting our 90 year history.

Our Board and Foundation Trustees

The Youthtown Board has been led by Chairperson Andrée Atkinson since June 2016 and is supported by our other Board Members, all of whom volunteer their time and expertise on a regular basis.

  • Alan Rowland (Vice Chair)
  • Dave Martin
  • Ross Pearce
  • Bill Moran
  • Brian Blake
  • Natasha Gallardo

Ted Van Arkel is our Patron and Bob Leveloff and Butch Riechelman are our Youthtown Foundation Trustees.

The Youthtown Foundation Trust was established to create a fund for which capital or income is to be used exclusively for the general purpose of Youthtown Inc.

Youthtown Alumni and Members

Since 1932, thousands of young people have been part of the Youthtown youth development experience that remains our focus today.

Like all family that leave home, we keep them up to date with our exciting progress and extend invites to be involved now and again.

Alumni! Join our database and keep in touch with how Youthtown continues to empower today's young people.

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Ben Nanasca, Outdoors Senior Instructor: Youthtown's longest-serving staff member (freshly 38 years)!