What's Happening

Our teams have prepared a whole heap of fun activities that tie in to each day's theme. Join us to discover what's in store!

Week 1 | 4 - 8 October

Mon 4 Oct


Put your detective hat on as we explore the world of mystery!

Tues 5 Oct

Let's Get Moving!

Today is all about moving and grooving! Join us for some non-stop fun!

Wed 6 Oct

Keep It Green

Today is all about sustainability and the 3Rs: reuse, reduce, recycle!

Thurs 7 Oct

Task Master Day

Put your creative thinking hats on as we take on the Youthtown Taskmasters challenges and compete against all the other Youthtown sites!

Fri 8 Oct

Youthtown's Got Talent

Showcase your amazing talent at Youthtown's Got Talent!

Week 2 | 11 - 15 October

Mon 11 Oct

Science Mania

Today we explore the wacky world of science: channel your inner scientist!

Tues 12 Oct

Market Day

It's Market Day at Youthtown, there's things to buy and sell with your Youthtown Dollars; there's games to play and a whole lot of fun to be had!

Wed 13 Oct

Water Wars

Splish, splosh and splash on Water Wars Day!

Thurs 14 Oct

Creative Arts

Get creative with Arts and Crafts Day! It's Market Day tomorrow, how many things can you make using recycled items?

Fri 15 Oct

Carnival Day

We are sure you will find your favourite games and activities found at good old fashioned Youthtown Carnival to celebrate the end of the holidays.


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Why choose Youthtown

If you’re looking for a fun, engaging place to learn things, make friends and build confidence, look no further! Our Holiday Programme staff are skilled at helping new participants settle in and make connections.


Our Holiday Programme is intentionally designed to create space for positive outcomes. There’s a lot going on under the surface, thanks to our Youthtown Curriculum, to ensure this happens!


From the first time you enter a Youthtown programme, you’ll be warmly greeted by our team and treated as part of our Youthtown whānau.

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