What's Happening

IMPORTANT: This day programme is smoke-free and vape-free. We do this in order for you to get the best out of your time with us. Please bring your own lunch, snacks, water bottle and willingness to give things a go. We ask you to not bring any energy drinks too.

12 - 22 July

Week 1

Tuesday 12 July

Work outs and Manus

Join our YT crew as we hit Cave Fitness for a Workout! then move ourselves to the Te Pou Toetoe pools for some phat manus.

Wednesday 13 July

Sports and Chill Day

Join us as we hang out at the Eastgate Room then head to Donnell Sports Park where we will shoot some hoops and maybe even give disc golf a go!

Thursday 14th - Friday 15th July


Come camping witht the YT crew, we'll be tenting at the wooded gully campsite in the beautiful landscapes of North Canterbury. Filling our days with fun activities, a walk and yum food.

Week 2

Tuesday 19th - Wednesday 20th July


An exciting opportunity to link up with the West Coast and explore part of the St James walkway. We will be walking for around 5 hours, so please keep this in mind when you register for the programme. The hut we will visit is probably going to depend on the weather, but will be either Magdalen hut or Cannibal Gorge hut.

Thursday 21 July

Chill out day

If you came away with us tramping, you will probably be wanting some rest. On our Chill Out day that is exactly what you will get, we will hangout in the office, put a movie on and play some games of table tennis and pool. We will also head out for some cruisy activities in the park to enjoy some nice winter sunlight (fingers crossed).

Friday 22 July

Arcade Day

Come hang out with the Youthtown crew and all your buddies you have met over the holidays. We are going to head to the new Oasis Arcade, there will be some money to share around but if you are an avid arcade goer bring along your tickets.


Why choose Youthtown

If you’re looking for a fun, engaging place to learn things, make friends and build confidence, look no further! Our Holiday Programme staff are skilled at helping new participants settle in and make connections.


Our Holiday Programme is intentionally designed to create space for positive outcomes. There’s a lot going on under the surface, thanks to our Youthtown Curriculum, to ensure this happens!


From the first time you enter a Youthtown programme, you’ll be warmly greeted by our team and treated as part of our Youthtown whānau.

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