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Please ensure appropriate footwear and clothing is worn. Please bring lunch and a water bottle. This programme is smoke-free, vape-free and drug free.

Our regular sports, games, arts and Grand Turismo game are also available all day!

Week 1 | 19 - 22 April

Mon 19 Apr

Youth Personal Development

Today is Youth Personal Development Day!

We will learn about the benefits of self affirmations, explore different affirmations and find out which ones work best for you!

Tues 20 Apr

Diversity, Culture and Inclusion

It's International Mother Language Day!

Challenge yourselves with different languages! What phrases and greetings can you bring to the table?

Bring along something from your culture to share with the rest of the group!

Wed 21 Apr

Visit to Hoop Quarters

Visit our Hoop Quarters site and learn the basics of basketball!

...Get ready to have a 3-on-3 refereed match if you know how it works!

It's Game On!

*Please provide your own slam dunks*

Thurs 22 Apr

Day Trip to Cornwallis Beach

It's International Earth Day!

What better than to spend the day enjoying nature at Cornwallis Beach?

BBQ, beach games and a slip n' slide obstacle course!

Week 2 | 27 - 30 April

Tues 27 Apr

Adventure Sports

An active day of Sports, Games, and Outdoor Activities!

Wed 28 Apr

Youth International Development

For Youth International Development Day, learn about the definitions of refugees and asylum seekers.

Engage in discussions around situations where people have become refugees and asylum seekers.

Thurs 29 Apr

Careers and Vocations

Meet a professional from a selected vocation for a sharing/interview session.

Come armed with questions about why they chose the jobs they have and how they worked their way towards it!

Fri 30 Apr

Day Trip to Megazone

Get your trigger fingers ready for laser tag and suit up for speed in bumper cars; we'll be having a blast at Megazone!

*You'll also get $10 credit to use on whatever your heart desires.


Avondale Youth Hub Flyer - April 2021

Why choose Youthtown

If you’re looking for a fun, engaging place to learn things, make friends and build confidence, look no further! Our Holiday Programme staff are skilled at helping new participants settle in and make connections.


Our Holiday Programme is intentionally designed to create space for positive outcomes. There’s a lot going on under the surface, thanks to our Youthtown Curriculum, to ensure this happens!


From the first time you enter a Youthtown programme, you’ll be warmly greeted by our team and treated as part of our Youthtown whānau.

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