What level 3 means for Youthtown services

We hope everyone is getting through the lockdown the best they can and know how much we’re looking forward to more freedom.

Unfortunately MSD (Ministry of Social Development) have advised us that our After School Programmes cannot open during alert level 3, which is in place 28 April for at least two weeks.

However we are waiting on a decision about an extension to the in-home childcare we are currently delivering for families of essential workers as well as to any family that requires this service during this period.


The Youthtown sites are preparing to open for programmes at alert level 2, with the required safety measures in place, and this will be confirmed as we move towards this alert level.

Our staff cannot wait to be face to face with everyone again and this is feeling a lot closer to happening.

Don’t forget, you can still secure a place for After School Programmes this term - for when we (and your school) are open.

Have an account?

This time, please email us on info@youthtown.org.nz with your desired booking dates for each child, along with their name(s) and school they attend.



New attendees :

Welcome! Please select your location from the top menu of our website and explore the Tamariki (Primary and Intermediate school ages) section.

Once you have found the box with the site you're after, please click the 'create account' button,

When completed, please email us on info@youthtown.org.nz with your desired booking dates for each child, along with their name(s) and school they attend.

(The 'secure your dates' button next to the 'create account' button does the same).


In the meantime, we really hope you’re enjoying our online programming for all ages.

We have all been working hard behind the scenes to bring awesome content to all ages 5-18 during the lockdown.

This is what one of the schools we work with have said : “These videos are brilliant. I am planning to add them to our online learning website. Thank you so much for sharing these!”

We're on your local Youthtown Facebook and Instagram. See here for more details https://www.youthtown.org.nz/articles/youthtown-programmes-go-online


Take care and nga mihi nui,

Fay Amaral (CEO, Youthtown Inc)