23 Jul 2021
We've just finished the holidays and are excited to bring you our after-school programmes. Our teams have worked hard to plan many fun activities that play into the theme of each week. Click the link below to find out what's going on at your local Youthtown and join us for the FUN!
23 Jul 2021
Youthtown are looking for a new board member to join the team! Read the post for more details on the role and feel free to click the links below to apply for ask for more info.
22 Jun 2021
We're back with more exciting youth programmes this July thanks to BREAKAWAY! From our hubs to specialised workshops like our basketball camps, we've got it all. Click through to find out more!
18 May 2021
We're proud to be able to partner with Play It Strange for the 2nd year in a row to showcase the voices of our next generation of songwriters. Big ups to the two winners Melinda Xu and Billie Comer, as well as the 48 other finalists. Click the links below to find out more about the competition and its finalists, as well as Maia's story.
12 May 2021
Our July holiday programme bookings are now available. Click the link below to find out what's happening at your local holiday programme site and JOIN US!
29 Apr 2021
Term 2 is creeping up. Have you booked a spot on one of our awesome after-school programmes yet? Follow the links to find out what's going on in your area!
26 Mar 2021
The Supreme Sikh Society of New Zealand (SSSNZ) recently opened their sports complex in Takanini boasting facilities of international standards, which are opened to the wider community. Youthtown is proud to have attended the momentous occasion and is looking forward to working alongside the team at SSSNZ.