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Select your location to see what's on offer in your community for Parents (of primary and intermediate school ages), Youth (secondary school age) and Schools.

Youthtown is a national organisation that is rapidly expanding. We put this growth down to the success of our youth development philosophy - which schools across the country have endorsed by having Youthtown deliver programmes within their curriculum.

Many of these schools and sport clubs host our  Before, After School and Holiday programmes. Being MSD approved means that WINZ subsidies apply.

This expansion within communities means that Youthtown is much more accessible to young people than ever before and our vision of empowering young New Zealanders to be the best they can be is more attainable than ever.

Not only is Youthtown in key communities of New Zealand, you’ll see us in fun places everywhere within that community!

We might be based in a building, but we like to have young people enjoying our natural resources: the local parks, hilltops, mountains, beaches, river, sea, lakes and lots of other places that stimulate youth development.

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