What's Happening?!

Some of our programme sites will not be open due to COVID restrictions but that doesn't mean that you can't join in on the fun. We've prepared a few activities that you can do at home. Tune in at 10am and 2pm on weekdays as we post new videos.

Please join us as we take you through some fun activities together!

Monday, 4 Oct 2021

Water Bottle Plyometric Workout

Harmony takes us through 3 exercises today using a square grid to guide us. Follow along as she demonstrates each exercise and then put them all together. Hip switches on!

Get Moving with Sarah & Reagan

Sarah and Reagan from Taupo are here to bring the energy! Clear some space in your living room because you're gonna be MOVING!

Tuesday, 5 Oct 2021

Build Your Own Mini Tipi!

Join Stacey as he shows you how to make your very own miniature tipi from natural resources found in and around your gardens (or while out on a walk with your family!).

3D TicTacToe with Pip & Jo

Get creative with things you can find in your own backyards to create your own colourful TicTacToe game. What will your designs be?

Wednesday, 6 Oct 2021

Laser Escape

Ever wanted to live out your spy fantasies? All you need is a ball of wool/yarn and some tape to make this dream come through! Join Reagan, Mereana, and Harmony as they build their laser maze and try to escape through it.

Get Fit, Stay Fit, Have Fun!

Join Harmony as she takes you through a simple workout routine using household items to get the heart pumping.

Thursday, 7 Oct 2021

Protect the Egg

Mereana and Sarah show you how to protect an egg with tissues, tape, and straws. Are you up to the challenge to protect the egg? Let's see how high you can go without cracking your egg.

Build a Bridge with Newspaper!

Join Harmony and John as they take you through how to make a bridge at home by reusing newspaper, tape, and string!

Friday, 8 Oct 2021

Storm in a Glass

Bring the outside inside and create a storm in your own kitchen. Watch Kade show you how to make a storm in a glass.

Football Juggling Challenge

Ex-Football Fern - Amber - is challenging you to see how many keepy-uppies you can do. Can you keep up?

Monday, 11 Oct 2021

Choc Chip Cookies

Join Kirsty as she takes you through how to make chocolate chip cookies. This recipe is simple and can be done by the whole family 😋🍪🧡

Ingredients list

Rugby Goal Kicking

Alex breaks it down for us and shows us the key steps to successfully converting a goal kick.

Rugby Passing

Alex has a few simple tips that will help you learn how to throw a rugby ball. Watch the video to find out how!

Tuesday, 12 Oct 2021

Egg Carton Monsters

Ella is getting creative by reusing egg cartons and turning them into little monsters!

Fitness Fun with Cheskie & Friends

Cheskie, Tess, & Sam show you that fitness can be fun! Warm your body up and follow along.

Wednesday, 13 Oct 2021

Jupiter Tornadoes in a Bottle

Cheskie is back with a simple science experiment. Learn how to recreate the tornadoes of Jupiter in a plastic bottle!

Multisport Golf Challenge

Alex and Shavaughn challenge you to try out multisport golf. Don't have golf clubs? No worries, use whatever sporting equipment you have at home!

Multisport Obstacle Course

Alex has created an obstacle course combining different sports. Are you up for the challenge?

Thursday, 14 Oct 2021

Taskmaster: Kahoot Quiz

Taskmaster: Witness the Fitness

Taskmaster: Mural Challenge

Taskmaster: Potato Golf

Friday, 15 Oct 2021

Bike Check

Is your bike road-ready? Nic shows you what you need to check before heading out there. It's as simple as ABDC!

Helmet Check

Did you know there was a right way to put your helmet on? Watch the video to see how Nic is able to remember the simple steps.

Boxing 101

Alex is not only good at rugby but he coaches boxing too! Join him as he shows us the basics of boxing.Jupiter in a plastic bottle!