Youthtown delivers regular EOTC (education outside the classroom), ABL (adventure-based learning) and PE (physical education/literacy) for local schools throughout the term.

These include sport skills, sport codes, cultural games, archery, slack-lining, rock climbing, team building, trust building, problem solving and decision-making activities.

Our programmes build great teamwork within the class while developing confident individuals over the year.

Teachers notice an improvement in effort, attitude, focus and discipline in the classroom. 

Students also tend to become more physically active out of school too. 

We have the Outdoors Safety Mark certification, so you can trust that the students are safe with us.

On the Water

All or our water activities incorporate water safety training.

Youthtown works with many schools that send a class once a week for four weeks to experience a variety of water activities.

Trying out kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and paddle boarding is much more fun with classmates.

On the land

Schools tell us their classes cannot wait to see the Youthtown Staff again.

Our staff get to know the students across the term and know how to engage with them so that they're learning, progressing and fulfilling their potential, while having fun in the group.

All sessions encourage teacher participation, so that they can continue this great work.