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We run this programme at different sites across the school term and holiday periods.
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Youthtown Christchurch programme coordinator
Programme Coordinator

Kia Orana I am Sarah, I have been at Youthtown for three years and had many different roles.

My main focus is organizing our EPIC Break-away programmes for young people in the school holidays and during the term, I coordinate and deliver our learner licence classes, study classes and many more programmes to support youth be the best they can be. When I am not working I am usually hanging with friends finding all the good coffee spots in Christchurch!

Youthtown Christchurch programme coordinator
Programme Coordinator

My name's Zac and I’m a programme coordinator at Youthtown. Outside of work I have a large sporting background with Rugby League being my main appeal. I’m a recent graduate at the University of Canterbury and dig any opportunity to incorporate the sports I love into my day to day job.

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