Upper Hutt Youth Dream Big

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Youth leadership development Dream Wall in Upper Hutt

Upper Hutt teens now have a place to share their biggest and boldest aspirations, after a simple art project has grown into a unique youth-led community initiative.

The interactive project called ‘Dream Walls’, is driven by our Youthtown Upper Hutt Youth Squad, and encourages youth to write their goals for the future on four large upright chalk boards. The first two Dream Walls are located at Upper Hutt College and Heratunga College.

Youthtown Youth Squad member, Karina Murray-Dodd says ““These Dream Walls are a fun, interactive and social way for young people to express their dreams for the future, without feeling embarrassed. We also wanted to share these dreams with the wider community, which is how the Dream Wall concept was thought up. We never really had a place in the community were young people could share their dreams for the future. It’s amazing to see that people are confident enough to write them down on our walls for everyone to see.”

The current Dream Walls in schools are proving very popular, with all four walls being filled within hours after arriving. Dreams range from becoming a Silver Fern, passing NCEA, owning a gym, being a singer, going to University, marrying Channing Tatum and much more.

The Dream Walls feature four chalk boards, which have been constructed using plywood, chalk board paint and stencils. The Youthtown Upper Hutt Youth Squad plans to establish two more Dream Walls in local schools by the end of the year. Check out more photos HERE