Minister Dunne joins Youthtown

Minister Dunne joins the Youthtown Sport Programme at Pt. England School

On Friday last week, Hon. Peter Dunne, New Zealand’s Minister of Internal Affairs, joined the Youthtown Sports Programme at Point England School. He was keen to see for himself how the community benefits from funds raised through the Gambling sector.

Some of the proceeds from the class 4 gambling sector (pubs/clubs gaming machines) support our Youthtown Programmes. 

Point England School students taking part in Youthtown’s regular Sport Programme were stoked to demonstrate their new skills and even encouraged Minister Dunne to join in!

We appreciate the Minister’s time and enthusiasm and hope his visit was as exciting for him as it was for us!

We’re also really grateful for all the support we receive, which continually helps us to empower young New Zealanders to be the best they can be.