Hip Hop Dance Classes in South Auckland

Youthtown Sponsored Hip Hop Dance Workshop

Recently Youthtown assited Papakura Youth Council, who ran two free workshops on Hip Hop dance with Sheldon, who is part of the award winning Prestige Dance Crew.

The first workshop was an introduction for those new to the world of Hip Hop based dance and movement. It was a fantastic opportunity to experience the fun of the movement and music.

While the second workshop was for those who had some experience in Hip Hop dance and wanted an opportunity to work with a world rated dancer. Sheldon was keen to pass on advice, tips and lots of encouragement.

The event focused on the social side of dance, and that there is no barrier of age or skill and there were some generous spot prizes. Papakura Youth Council collected feedback from participants at the workshops, about what types of events and opportunities they'd like to see in South Auckland and Papakura in particular… and there was a 'big call' for dancing of all types.

This was supported by Sheldon, as he talked about his eclectic dance background, which includes ballet, because as he said, "ballet is cool!".