FREE in-home childcare for Essential Service Workers

Youthtown is an approved supplier of FREE in-home childcare for essential service workers during lockdown, through WINZ.

Our staff member will work only with your family, as an extension of your 'bubble'.

This is specifically for children aged 5-14, in Auckland, Taupo, Upper Hutt and Christchurch.


What makes Youthtown different is the significant, positive impact we have on 5-18 year olds through our outcome-based programmes delivered by awesome staff.

They are dedicated to our vision of empowering young people to be the best they can be and have a raft of activities at their fingertips to unlock your children’s potential.

We ensure our staff are police vetted, experienced and trained in all aspects of child safety, child safe-guarding, our policies and procedures and MSD approved behavioural management techniques and strategies


Please contact us with what your family needs are as we’d really like to help you, while you are helping so many others in the community.

Email us or phone Fiona on 027 836 4424


Details of this initiative can be found on the WINZ website :