The Blues Work at Youthtown

Youthtown was very excited to have the Blues players participating in their youth development centred sport and outdoor activities this week.

For the Blues, this was part of a volunteering initiative to give back and connect with the community, while broadening their skills. The day involved them working alongside school students led by Youthtown’s Sports Coaches and Outdoor Instructors.

Youthtown’s CEO, Paula Kearns, says ‘ we were very fortunate to have The Blues Players join us on programme and experience, first-hand, ‘the Youthtown Way’ of delivering programmes that develop young people’s skills and knowledge across New Zealand’

Each of the 3 Cultural Sports Games running in rotation on the day (Gaellic Football, Kabaddi and European Handball), were designed to teach and reflect on one of the Youthtown values – Mastery, Independence, Belonging and Generosity, with a strong focus on leadership skills. This is a consistent approach within all programmes and activities delivered by Youthtown whether it’s OSCAR, Sport, Outdoor or Youth related.

Blues Prop, Alex Hodgman said;  “It was really impressive to see  the way the Youthtown team connects with the younger generation. Being able to build positive relationships with them and link physical activities to their 4 key values (mastery, belonging, independence and generosity) is helping to set these youth up to be amazing and genuine people in the near future. To be able to see the work that Youthtown does, and the amount of passion and drive they have to support these teens is inspirational. I hope that more people can see this first hand - as the other members of the Blues team, and I have.”

The Sport and Outdoor Programmes Youthtown runs during school time made up over 60% of their 225,695 participations last year and is growing in popularity as a means to engage young people, giving them the confidence to make good decisions and build resilience, making a difference in their lives and futures.  

Youthtown’s Sport Programme alone now extends to After School and Holiday Sport Clinics, Camps, Academies and Tournaments, of which some of the 100 potential young leaders from years 7 and 8, attending this session from 7 different South Auckland schools, are familiar with.

‘We hope the Blues, as well as the kids, had an awesome time and that they’ll continue to want to be involved with Youthtown’s work, or at least keep contributing to young people’s development - sharing our vision to empower young New Zealanders to be the best they can be’ says Kearns.


For further information:       

Paula Kearns, Chief executive Youthtown

Phone 027 444 3991