Activity Sessions

EOTC, ABL and PE specialists

Enhance their learning

Youthtown delivers regular EOTC (Education Outside The Classroom), ABL (Adventure-Based Learning) and PE (Physical Education/Literacy) programmes for local schools throughout each term. These can be on-site or off-site, depending on your needs.

These bespoke programmes include: foundation and core sport skills, sport codes, cultural games, archery, slack-lining, rock-climbing, team-building, trust-building, problem-solving and decision-making activities.

Our programmes build great teamwork within the class while developing confident individuals over the year. Teachers notice an improvement in effort, attitude, focus and discipline in the classroom. We're happy to hear that students also tend to become more physically active outside of school too, thanks to our structured and supportive programmes. 

We have OutdoorsMark certification, to provide schools with the reassurance that students will have a safe and fulfilling time with us.

On the water

Trying out kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and paddleboarding is much more fun with classmates!

We work with schools to craft bespoke water activity schedules that work seamlessly with their busy timetables. Many schools enjoy our once-a-week, month-long introductory courses.

We are experienced in working with nervous first-timers and know how to celebrate the strengths of experienced participants alike. We'll discuss the needs of your group with you (we like to ask a lot of questions because we care!), so we know which teaching strategies will best suit them.

All of our water activities incorporate water safety training as standard, and our skilled instructors train year-round to ensure they're ready for anything.

On the land

We're pretty blessed when it comes to our land-based sessions: schools tell us their classes cannot wait to see the Youthtown team again. Well, the feeling's mutual! The energy from a Youthtown session is hard to beat.

Our staff get to know the students across the term, watching for growth and ensuring they know how and why they're improving at their skills. The relatable, approachable and professional way our team works with students ensures they're learning, progressing and fulfilling their potential, all while having fun in the group.

Our sessions encourage teacher participation, so that they can continue this great work with you when our van heads off into the distance!


Making learning life skills easy as (and a whole lot of fun too!)

Know more, carry less

Youthtown has a range of creative, social, physical and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathmatics)-themed workshops to build specific skills to meet your needs. Our Youthtown Curriculum is designed to talk to the New Zealand Curriculum, so we're speaking the same language!

These programmes have been developed and refined over the years, by our teams across Aotearoa New Zealand, to powerfully engage with each age group.

Examples for years 0-8 include: experiences in making bottle rockets, building rafts, racing 'Flintstone Carts' and shelter-building.

Examples for years 7-13 include workshops such as: performing arts, strength conditioning, umpiring, and lifeguard training. We are specialists in uplifting female learners to engage with sport!

Our School Leaver's Toolkit focuses on: Financial Literacy, Enterprise and Leadership, Teamwork, Management, Democratic Rights, First Aid, Strengths for Life, Survival Outdoors and Learners' Licence to name a few. Take your pick!

Project Groups

Skillfully pointing your group towards achieving a shared goal

Working together towards something real

Facilitated by our Youthtown Mentors, our Project Groups have made a huge contribution to local communities as well as the school community itself.

Being part of a small group to work on a project together, to achieve a common goal, is great practice for their future. Working Collaboratively is one of the outcome goals of our Curriculum, we place so much importance on this area!

If you have a group of young people who need a good project, get in touch! We love to engage young people of all ages in strengths-based project and project management environments.

Your Duke of Edinburgh Award or Sir William Pike Award students can also be signed off in no time with Youthtown running the activities that support this curriculum.

Case Study: Fitness groups

Fitness groups, outside of regular PE, are a big hit with Intermediate and Secondary School students.

One of our key focus areas nationwide has been to contribute to the engagement of female-identified young people into sport. We know that there is a whole wealth of female talent out there and we've made it our mission to do something about it!

Our 'Her Move' programme, offered during school time, is designed to motivate young women and has been a great success.

To find out more about the programmes we offer in this space and around fitness and wellbeing generally, get in touch!

Case Study: Songwriter's project

Youthtown has worked with 'Play It Strange' since 2019, which is an initiative founded by Mike Chung of Split Enz for secondary school students.

Our first adventure with Play It Strange celebrated and embraced the voice of our young people from years 9-13 through song, shared with schools, community, whānau, peers and the wider music community.

A selection of finalists were chosen to have their work professionally recorded and mastered with the final product being available on Bandcamp and Spotify. Listen to the 2020 album here and the 2021 album here.

We are proud to continue this relationship and provide opportunities for the rangatahi of Aotearoa to have a voice through music. Get in touch with us or visit the Play It Strange website for more info.

Camps and Tramps

Formative experiences, lifelong memories

Freedom, friendship, fun!

Youthtown customises programmes, including camps to meet your budget and curriculum requirements for any aged student and for teachers too.

We are experienced in running Induction/Leadership Camps, Sport/Adventure Camps as well as Snow Camps and Enviro Camps.

Please call us on 0800 004 566 or email HERE for further information.

Camp Programme Delivery

It's a well-known fact that Youthtown leaders love Camp! Many of our staff have been camp counsellors for Camp America and other respected organisations around the world. We love to work with schools and groups to make a special time away (or on site) be the best it can be.

We offer a range of options to suit your budget:

All In: Wherever you are, you can hand the whole camp delivery to Youthtown, including the accommodation/facility!

Contributors: We can run any part of a camp you've already booked.

Either way, we ensure your students get the most out of this life-changing experience.

We know how to make the most of a day: for younger students, we can run a 'survival' day camp where they have the opportunity to experience and learn about all the key parts of camping in the bush, without staying overnight.

Camp Facilities

Youthtown is highly recommended by a number of facilities across New Zealand (including DOC) and we may already be delivering programmes at the camp facility you use.

These partnerships make it easy to bring Youthtown in whenever you need us.

Youthtown's Lodge

We also have our own Lodge in Ohakune that is available to schools. If you're interested in using our Dakune Lodge on its own, or with our programme delivery, click HERE.


Tournaments and gatherings with purpose for in-school, inter-school, groups and organisations

A diverse portfolio

We've been running community events as a specialism for many years now. Our team can work with you to put on a show like no other!

We've got our own Youthtown favourites, such as our growing inter-school tournaments, as well as our classic about-town/campus 'Youthtown Amazing Race' or the more adventurous outdoors-themed 'Youthtown Quest'. These could also be run on your site, if that's what you need.

Every event our teams deliver is designed to unlock young peoples' potential and build confidence, so check if we're near you and join in!

Youthtown at your school events

The Youthtown team are happy to either take part in your school event or run it entirely.

Sports Days are made easy with Youthtown! The level of engagement the team have with students taking part in Orientation or Transition Days make these programmes extremely worthwhile too.

Here's how we normally roll when it comes to events:

All in: We run the event for you (perfect for inter-school tournaments)

Contributors: We help out (perfect for sports/orientation/transition/creative days)

Youthtown's inter-school events

Our inter-school events across the country include the Christchurch Super 10s, which has been running for a number of years now.

Elsewhere across the country, more schools are joining the inter-school challenges and the turn-out of both competitors and supporters is growing at pace.

We invite you to join us!